Cairo to Pyramids, Memphis, Dahshur and Saqqara Tour

Cairo to Pyramids, Memphis, Dahshur and Saqqara Tour


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Are you planning a trip to Egypt? Discover our Cairo to Pyramids, Memphis, Dahshur and Saqqara Tour. United Guides Travel is pleased to offer a variety of Cairo Day Tours to Cairo Pyramids. Wander at the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx. Visit the capital of the old kingdom Memphis City. Be amazed by Zoser Pyramid at Saqqara, watch Bent Pyramid And Red Pyramid At Dahshur.


  • Giza pyramids
  • Dahshur pyramid,
  • Saqqara Complex
  • Memphis City


pick you up from your hotel in Cairo. You will be accompanied by your professional Tour Guide to start your Egypt Pyra-mids Tour. Scout Giza Pyramids which considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world, built to endure eternity.

Visit Cheops Pyramid, which Built for King Khufu. Then screen the Middle Pyramid of Chephren, Built for King Khafre, and the last will be Mycerinus Pyramid, the smallest of the three main Pyramids of Giza. Walk around the Valley temple and the Sphinx with the body of a lion and the head of a Human.

Lunch will then be served at a good quality restaurant.
The next Move will be Memphis City, which was the ancient capital of Inb-Hdj, the first nome of Lower Egypt.

Then Saqqara complex, watch Zoser’s Pyramid, it was built by the famous architect Imhotep and contained six layers that are gradually decreasing in size.

The last stop will be Bent Pyramid & Red Pyramid at Dahshur, which were founded by King Snefru.
Finally, return to your hotel in Cairo.


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